Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gold ~ // Five Fall Favorites!

Photos by the lovely Anna Miladinova :)
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Е, вече е есен. Всички дървета са обагрени в жълто и въпреки че моят любим сезон е лятото, не мога да отрека, че навън е приказно красиво. Днес още повече, защото въпреки мрачното начало на деня, накрая изгря слънце и златистата светлина правеше всичко да изглежда още по-хубаво. На такъв прекрасен ден му липсва само подходящ саунтрак, а през последните дни Chet Faker наистина уцелва настроението :))
 Въпреки ярките цветове на есента, незнайно защо за днес избрах доста тъмен аутфит. Сивата жилетка е най-новото попълнение в гардероба ми - майка ми я заши, вечерта преди да замина към София (можете да видите снимка от процеса в Инстаграмът ми) и честно казано нямах търпение да я нося. Разнообразих обаче иначе скучният сив тоалет с animal print пантофките (които ми станаха любими) и кафявата ми чанта Mulberry Alexa, която съвсем случайно открих в second hand магазин. Каква находка, а!
 Надявам се и вие да се радвате на хубавото време, ако не го правите ви насърчавам да се възползвате от предстоящия слънчев уикенд и да си организирате малко, но зареждащо приключение :)

 Hey loves!
It's Fall! Although my favorite season is Summer I can not admit that it just looks magical outside! Thats why I rushed out and thought it would be the perfect time to show you my Five Fall Favorites! Lets start with probably the only thing I love about Fall: Cozy sweaters and cardigans! There is nothing better than the warm hug of a fluffy and soft cardigan in the colder days. One of my favorite this season is this gray one made by my mother (you can check out the "making" of it on my Instagram) I love how edgy it looks but it's very feminine at the same time. Also I'm a sucker for everything that makes me feel like I have a trail flying behind me. And don't let me start on the subject of how Effie Trinket-y I feel with that.. :D 
 Anyway moving along to my second fall favorite: Statement bag. You know what I'm talking about! You gotta have that one bag that just makes every casual outfit to feel like a special one. For me that would be this Mulberry Alexa bag that I found in a thrift shop - what a bargain!
 My third fall favorite have to be dark nail polishes! Everything from Burgundy red to Emerald green and even some chocolate-y shades: they are all perfect for this season!
 Speaking of red you know whats the one thing you MUST have for Fall? Dark red lipstick! I'm making a special post all about my favorite Fall lipsticks so stay tuned for that!
 Number five in my list is something that I don't necessarily wear only during this season but I can not leave it off my chart - Necklaces! Statement ones, delicate pieces or just something that will add just the right amount of glamor to your outfit. Personally I am a big fan of everything that sparkles (and I mean sparkles a lot!) but if you are not really into the big blings you can always go for something with a simple gold chain and a charm.
 So those are my Five Fall Favorites! Let me know what are yours in the comments! If you are still looking for your Fall essentials I recommend! It's a wonderful site where you can buy or sell your gift cards quick and easy! It's also perfect if you want to make a gift for your friends or to get rid of your long forgot gift cards.

Have a great weekend!
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  1. Love the cardigan and the bag :) you're fabulous, Iv!

  2. Чантата и пантофките ти са страхотни :))


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