Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love is in the air ♥

 Hey sweethearts!
Happy Valentine's Day! Be with your love one and show them how much you care about them not only today, but all year long!
 In Bulgaria we don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day and today for us is Saint Trifon the Pruner Day- the Bulgarian holiday of vine-growers and wine-makers. Basically is a holiday of the wine :) And as you know love and wine come together, so it's double holiday for us.

 After I saw like a thousand posts and outfits about Valentine's day, I decided to make one myself. I wanted to make an outfit that's light and airy, because as in love you don't want to feel like you're suffocating, but to feel free and loving. This dress does this to me but after all it's still February and it's quite chill outside so I put on my absolutely favorite piece this winter- the warmest and coziest cardigan I own! Some lipstick, jewelry and I'm ready to go! Except that I'm not going anywhere tonight :D I'm gonna stay home and watch my favorite movie "Moulin Rouge!" as I do every year on this day. It's kind of tradition for me and I can't wait to play the movie and watch Ewen and Nicole one more time!

Dress: Zhidan
Cardigan: Cubus
Thank you for visiting! And thanks so much for the lovely comments- you are the best!
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Favourite photoshoot of the month

 Hey guys!
I'm still very busy this week so no time for shooting but I do my best to keep posting :) Today I saw this A-mazing shoot from latest issue of New York Magazine! Elle Fanning is just unbelievable cute and sweet in all of the pictures! I just love that cotton-candy Marchesa gown!

Alexander McQueen headpiece

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Saturday, February 9, 2013

New In - Jewelry

H&M ring & earrings
 Hey, hey!
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Here is quite cloudy and rainy and I can't take nice pictures so I decided to show you some of my new jewelry. I won't lie if I tell you that I rather buy accessories than clothes :) The more and the shinier - the better! 

Rings - Local shops

If you follow me ооди a long time than you know that rings are my little guilty pleasures! I just looove all kinds of rings (especially the ones with big rocks ;]). Those three are my recent favorites. At first I bought the red one but I liked it sooo much that I got back to the store and bought the black one. And then a few days later me and my best friend exchanged Christmas presents and she got me the one with the white rock! I was so happy! I knew that she was going to give me some kind of jewelry but to pick me the same ring! How can I not love her! :)

DIY Earrings
Harper's Bazaar Jan- Feb Bulgaria
H&M neon bracelet
DIY spike bracelets
DIY knitted spike bracelet

Today I "got hit" by a creative wave so I made this black knitted spike bracelet and the bigger golden spikes bracelet. So now I have 3 spike bracelets and I can't be more happy about it especially knowing that I made them myself :)

So thank you for visiting! Have a wonderful start of the week!
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Thursday, February 7, 2013


 Hey sweethearts!
What a sunny day! There was no force that could stop me from taking some pictures of my outfit today (except my photographer's constant muttering but I got that covered :))
 I had an awful morning but after a cup of coffee and some vitamin D my day got better. Also I can't stop singing Taylor Swift's song "I knew you were trouble"! It's been in my head for weeks which is unbelievable cause I'm not a "Swifty". Anyway, even I can't deny that it's very catchy song :)

 Sorry that my eyes are not open on some of the pictures, but as blogger / model you have to make some sacrifices for the perfect shot (like standing against the sun unable to see anything, and standing in the middle of the street, ricking ro being smashed down by a car :D) Ahh I love my job :]]

Sweater: H&M
Neon top: Handmade by my grandmother
Leggings: Koketna
Hat: H&M
Neon bracelet: H&M
Spike bracelet: DIY
Necklace and ring: Local stores

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Brief summary of the past month..

 Helloooo everyone!
I just want to make it clear that I do love my blog and everything that I have achieved, thanks to it, during the past year. But since the start of 2013 I can't find a second to stop, look around, take some pictures and post them.

I can give lectures in "How to be a bad blogger 101".. It would be a long course involving the themes:
1. Not posting for a month.. How to properly feel ashamed of yourself.
2. Haven't responded to a single (lovely and absolutely wonderful if I may just say) comment..
3. Posting stupid pictures that no one cares about after returning.. (see below :D )
4. Making long excuses that probably no one will read and care about..
  and so on.

 So many things have happened during January.. The biggest of them is that I spent a week in Romania! It was so much fun and I met amazing people from all over Europe! I also went ice skating (for the first time), presented a slide show in front of hundred people, learned a little Romanian and sang karaoke songs out loud in a bus with some of my new Romanian friends. I also came to know that I'm not only good as a fashion stylist- I'm a hell of a Gandam stayler too (not sure if this is even a word) :D

When I came back from the trip I had to study hard for my school exams but I also spend some quality time with my best friend, walking around the stores and the malls :) I bought a lot of new things that I'm going to show you very soon!

Try out at H&M. I loooved that grey skull printed dress and the yellow blazer ♥ Still dreaming about them.

Few pictures from my week
Romanian chocolate dessert and peaceful afternoon in the hotel
Bought the January issue of Harper's Bazaar Bulgaria and a view from my balcony at duck
Beautiful view of the dawn from my hotel room in Balchik, Bulgaria

I promise that I'm going to show you all of the outfits I wore in Romania in the next posts. So stay tuned!
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