Friday, August 9, 2013

Celine and Clear clutch + BUY THE SKIRT

Hey everyone!
Do you enjoy your Summer? If you get as much sun as we do here then you should be just fine! My birthday is just a few days away and I'm pretty exited about it since it's going to be my last B-day with my whole family before I go to college. Oh did I told you? Exiting news! I am officially a PR student! It's something I really wanted to study and I feel like this has been my dream job for quite a long time now. So we'll see how will that one go :) It all starts in October- new city, new people, new place to leave.. so yeah, wish me luck!

За текст на български, натиснете бутона- 

Now how about those beauties! I've been DIY-ing a lot recently and here are the final results! Did you saw the clear clutch! I just looooooove it! It's so fun and cool to wear! Everybody look so shocked when they first see it. And how about my new "Celine" t-shirt. If you follow me on Instagram (if you don't, do so here - @ivs_yord) you probably saw the work in process. I expected it to be more hard to do but once I got the white t-shirt (only 1 euro from second hand shop) the rest was easy. Sadly you can't really see the gold letters in this photos but it looks very well in person. You know what they say- "Fake it till you make it", so now I have DIY Celine tee, soon I hope I'll have my own Celine bag (ahem did I mentioned my birthday is coming soon? :]). Also if you remember the F&$k Swag post from the las year you know that the jacket is also made by my mother and diy-ed by me.

The maxi blue skirt! You know my mother is a designer/ great dressmaker and lately we are working on a little collection! Here is the first item from it that you can purchase! We offer this amazing maxi skirt in a few colors (blue, dark blue, black, pink and red) and various lengths depending on your height! You can wear it high or low waisted, with heels or flats, the possibilities are endless!

If you want to buy a skirt or you have any questions just write us on our email - and we'll contact you!

If you want to buy a sequins, denim or clear clutch be sure to visit our FACEBOOK page! 

 T-shirt: DIY
Skirt: By my mother
Jacket: By my mother + DIY
Clear clutch: Blue Dress
Sunglasses: H&M

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Hope you enjoyed the post!
Keep it Classy!

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  1. Хехе супер се е получила прозрачната чанта. И тъкмо сега и е времето =)


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