Wednesday, June 26, 2013


 Hello everyone!
I officially graduated high school! It's been a fun / sad / tough / careless 5 years and I'm kinda happy that it's all over if I have to be honest :) I'm sure there are so much better things to come in my life, so no time for wailing better get my head up and prepare for the new adventures!

I wore this beautiful dress the other day when I went to grab my diploma (quick fyi- I graduated top of my class ;P). As you probably know were hosting a giveaway not so while ago and as a winner I get to decide what to have for a prize. Of course I couldn't just pass through this amazing cut out flower dress! Turns out I made a wise choice because it's stunning when you see the details in person. I'm very happy that I won and get to choose it, it was perfect for the occasion! 


 Dress: Choies
Heels: Local shop + DIY glitter
Jewelry: Local shop
Sunglasses: H&M
Clutch: Zhidan

Thank you for visiting! Hope you are having a wonderful week!
I'm going to post a new outfit very soon so stay tuned and
Keep it Classy!


  1. Hello dear, as you may already know - GFC is shutting down - hope you can follow me now on Bloglovin' instead. Here's my link:
    Have a nice day :** <3

  2. Hi dear, you look so elegant, thats a beautiful dress with a lovely floral print.

  3. Здравей, тагнах те виж тук:


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