Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring rocks (Slovenia)

 Hey lovely readers!
Been a while but I'm here with a new post now! I finally had a minute to sit down, take a breath and blog. I'm having such a crazy year! It's insane (or at least I'm going to be, if I don't get a proper rest soon)..
 A few weeks ago I was in Slovenia. Lovely country! If you have a chance go and visit it I promise you will enjoy it very much! I was in the city Celje which was like a little heaven, but Ljubljana was even more interesting! The pictures that I'm showing you today are from there and this is the Butchers' Bridge above the
Ljubljanica river. I was in Slovenia for a week and though the road took 2 days (only in one direction!) with three trains and one bus it was all worth it! I'd love to go back there some day :)

You can't imagine how exited I was from the fact that they have castles in almost every city! It was like "Ah look it's a castle! Ohh look here is another one!". I'm not even ashamed to confess that I was behaving like a little child near them. :D It was so fun and this was the first time I saw a real life castle! I could definitely live in one of them. I did in fact renamed the Celje castle - I think "Casa de Ivelina / Casa de Classy" suits it better!

Also- DRAGONS! Dragons everywhere! Loved it!
Today I went out shopping with my mom and I re-wore the outfit so you could see it better. Here is what I was wearing:

Top: H&M (bought in Slovenia)
Jeans and bag: Local shops
Blazer: Zhidan
And now this is my favorite picture from the trip-
Hope you're having a great time wherever you are!
Enjoy the weather and
Keep it Classy!


  1. These photos are beautiful, looks like such a lovely place! x

  2. Изглежда чудесно :)


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