Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Brief summary of the past month..

 Helloooo everyone!
I just want to make it clear that I do love my blog and everything that I have achieved, thanks to it, during the past year. But since the start of 2013 I can't find a second to stop, look around, take some pictures and post them.

I can give lectures in "How to be a bad blogger 101".. It would be a long course involving the themes:
1. Not posting for a month.. How to properly feel ashamed of yourself.
2. Haven't responded to a single (lovely and absolutely wonderful if I may just say) comment..
3. Posting stupid pictures that no one cares about after returning.. (see below :D )
4. Making long excuses that probably no one will read and care about..
  and so on.

 So many things have happened during January.. The biggest of them is that I spent a week in Romania! It was so much fun and I met amazing people from all over Europe! I also went ice skating (for the first time), presented a slide show in front of hundred people, learned a little Romanian and sang karaoke songs out loud in a bus with some of my new Romanian friends. I also came to know that I'm not only good as a fashion stylist- I'm a hell of a Gandam stayler too (not sure if this is even a word) :D

When I came back from the trip I had to study hard for my school exams but I also spend some quality time with my best friend, walking around the stores and the malls :) I bought a lot of new things that I'm going to show you very soon!

Try out at H&M. I loooved that grey skull printed dress and the yellow blazer ♥ Still dreaming about them.

Few pictures from my week
Romanian chocolate dessert and peaceful afternoon in the hotel
Bought the January issue of Harper's Bazaar Bulgaria and a view from my balcony at duck
Beautiful view of the dawn from my hotel room in Balchik, Bulgaria

I promise that I'm going to show you all of the outfits I wore in Romania in the next posts. So stay tuned!
Keep it Classy!


  1. еее най-после пост от теб! Липсваха ми напоследък :) Много ми харесваш в роклята с черепчета и жълтия блейзер от H&M... не знам как съм ги пропуснала по магазините :D Видях, че си била в Румъния... това е една от любимите ми държава (колкото и странно да звучи :D)
    Между другото в блога ми има GIVEAWAY и адски много ще се радвам ако участваш :)


  2. Роклята с черепчетата и жълтият блейзер са страхотни! Направо ми останаха очите по тях... :))

    1. И на меееен.. :D Когато ги видях и двете веднага трябваше да ги пробвам и да ги комбинирам, и ми беше толкова тъжно когато напуснах магазина без тях. Страдах цял ден :D

  3. I totally understand where you are coming from. Don't feel bad, it really is SO hard to blog while having so many other things to do. I love your sense of humor in this post btw, it really made me smile :)



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