Monday, December 31, 2012

My 2012 - Best of outfits!

 Hey guys!
Another year passed! I can't tell if it was good or bad one, but now that it's ending I can tell for sure that it's been an amazing one! Through 2012 I made a bunch of good memories, I met some amazing people and I learned a lot of new things. It's been a crazy ride but I enjoyed every day of it!
 I know that 2013 is going to be very different and very important to me. I'm about to face new challenges and hopefully when the following year is gone I'm gonna be even happier than I am right now.
 Goodbye 2012!

Here are some of my best outfits this year!

When I started the blog exactly a year ago I didn't know how long it will last and what is going to come out of it but now that I see all those pictures I am truly happy and proud of myself. I'll give my best to post more next year!

Have a wonderful celebration tonight! I'm going to show you my New Year's Eve outfit tomorrow on the first post for the 2013!

Keep it Classy!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Marry Christmas ★

 Hey sweethearts!
Happy holidays and Merry Christmas! I hope you're having a great time with your family over the table full of homemade dishes! :)

This ring was one of my presents! I love it it's amazing! My best friend got me the same one in white and I already have it in red :) 
 And this kiwi was my contribution to the family dinner :D Sorry the picture is so blurry. I couldn't stop laughing at it!
This is me with the homemade bread that my mother made!

Have yourself a Marry Little Christmas!
Keep it Classy!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

My 2012 - The nails

 Hey sweathearts!
It's been a month since my last post! I'm such a bad blogger :/ Bad and crazy busy blogger.. In my defense I'm going to say that I had a really tough month running around, doing tests at school, working over some projects, buying presents and putting up the Christmas decoration. Also mind that the weather wasn't helpful at all- the temperatures are above the 0°C for most of the time and you know how I hate the cold weather :)
 But I'm finally in Christmas break and I have some free time before the holidays and I decided to make a few posts about my 2012. In this one I'm going to show you my nail designs through the year.

 Здрвейте сладури! 
Мина месец откакто не съм публикувала нищо.. Ужсен блогър съм :/ Лош и страшно зает блогър.. В моя защита ще кажа че имах наистина тежък месец, тичайки наоколо, класни работи и тестове в училище, работа по няколко Европейски проекта, купуване на подаръци и слагане на коледната украса :)  Освен това и времето изобщо не ми помагаше. Температури от под 0 градуса изобщо не ми понасят.
 Но най- накрая сме в коледна ваканция и имам малко свободно време преди празниците, така че реших д направя няколко поста за изминалата 2012. В този пост ще ви покажа повечето от маникюрите ми, с които бях през годината.











Well I think that's all. I love doing my nails when I have enough time for them to dry (which usually never happens and all my hard work goes straight through the window :D). I love buying new and new nail polishes it's my little guilty pleasure :)
 Thank you all for the lovely comments! I really appreciate all of them! 

New post coming up after a few days! Stay tuned!

Е мисля че това е всичко. Много обичам да се занимавам с лакирването си, но само когато имам достатъчно време за да могат "произведенията ми" да изсъхнат на спокойствие (а това почти никога не се случва и целият ми труд отива на вятъра :D). Обожавам да си купувам различни лакове и да се ровя из козметичните магазини с часове за перфектния нюанс.
 Благодаря на всички за прекрасните коментари, които продължаваха да валят дори и когато не публикувах нищо! Наистина ги оценявам!
 Нов пост ще има съвсем скоро, така че бъдете наоколо!

Keep it Classy!