Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday favorites

 Hey guys!
It's been a crazy week! I didn't have time to shoot new outfits so I'm showing you my favorite looks from that I found this week. I find them very inspiring and stylish! Hope you like them too!

See soon the new post! If you want to see other of my hypes go and check out my lookbook page HERE

Keep it Classy


  1. That first picture is my favorite!

  2. Nice inspiration !

    Would you like to follow each other ?
    Follow me and I follow back for sure !

  3. Hey!
    Lovely and interesting blog you have here dear!
    Check put mine sometime if you like:)

  4. Аууу избрала си страхотни неща! Наистина много вдъхновяващо! Жилетката от първата снимка и палтото от последната са убийствени! Много ми се иска скоро да видя и някой от твоите готини аутфити :)

  5. All this and that.. Gloomy shades as well as radiant ones.. Vintage touch with modern latest trends.. Loved the men's wear pictures from your collection...! Great post Ivs.. :-)

  6. I totally love what you picked out! I really love the oversized coat!
    It would be great if we could follow eachtother!


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