Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fuck Swag

You know how once in a while I got this "mood" and I dress in black head to toe.. Well guess what- black is back! I already told you that we don't celebrate Halloween in my country so I don't have a costume to show you. Instead I decided to post this dark rock outfit that's been in my head for a while but I never really had a chance to wear.

Нали знаете как от време на време ме хващат лудите и се обличам от горе до долу в черно.. Е познайте какво- черното е тук отново! Знаете че Хелоуин не е български празник и че не го празнуваме официално, за това нямам костюм, който да ви покажа. Вместо това реших да публикувам този мрачен "рок" аутфит, който ми се върти в главата от доста време, но все нямах повод да го облека.

I hope I didn't shock you or something. I mean after the previous 4 very very casual outfits this one is pretty harsh.. But after all- hey it's still me :D Anyway I hope you like it as much as I do!
 In this outfit I'm wearing all of my new clothes that I recently got myself. I've never wore leggings before and if I have to be completely honest I was avoiding them fiercely! The thing is that I don't find my legs good enough for that kind of exposure but after I saw thousands of pictures of all kinds of people who wear them I overcame the fear and bought this pair. AND NOW I DON'T WANT TO TAKE THEM OFF! I'm very surprised of myself and I think that's a good thing. :)
 The shirt is new too. It's actually my brother's but since I chose it for him I got the right to wear it :)
The jacket- ohh the jacket! Isn't it beautiful! My mother sew it from one of my designs and I embroidered all the little studs on it (a total of 144). It was really hard work bout it was all worth it! You can't find something like this in stores around here- it's absolutely one of a kind.

Надявам се че не съм ви шокирала или нещо такова. Имам предвид, след последните много, много ежедневни аутфити, този идва като гръм от ясно небе.. но пък въпреки всичко- това пак съм си аз! Надявам се този аутфит да ви харесва толкова колкото и на мен!
 В този тоалет съчетах почти всички нови дрехи, с които се сдобих наскоро. Никога не съм носила клинове преди и ако трябва да съм честна- ожесточено ги избягвах! Въпроса е че изобщо не харесвам краката си, но след като видях хиляди снимки на различни хора с клинове, превъзмогнах страхът си и си купих този чифт! СЕГА НЕ МОГА ДА ГО СВАЛЯ! Много съм изненадана от себе си, но мисля че това е за добро :) 
 Тениската също е нова. Всъщност е на брат ми, но след като аз я избрах, реших че мога да я понося :) Якето! Охх якето! Не е ли страхотно? Майка ми го заши по мой дизайн и аз бродирах всички тези малки шипчета (144 на брой). Беше много работа, обаче си струваше! Никъде по магазините няма такова!

Jacket: Zhidan + DIY studs
T-shirt: New Yorker
Ankle boots: Sandina
Bracelet: New Yourker
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Let's be adventurous!

 Hello again!
Here is the next outfit! As you can see I remade the previous outfit from the Stressed but well dressed post into something more casual and comfy! That's what I love about styling- you can make a various outfits using the same piece of clothing and they are all going to be completely different!
 Here I am wearing the top and the cardigan from the previous post but I combined them with my dark blue jeans, the yellow scarf and my owl necklace. Isn't it amazing how different look it is compared to the previous? I'm very happy with the result.

 Jeans: Fango
Top: Unknown
Cardigan: Zhidan
Scarf: Vintage
Jewelry: Local shops
Ankle boots: Sandina
  Photographer: M. Yourdanov
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Some inspiration and two awards!

 Hey sweethearts!
It's Monday and it's raining like crazy here! You can really feel that November is coming very soon..
 And since the weather is being so changeable (I mean only two days ago it was 24 degrees C..) I'm forced to stay home cause somehow I got the awful flu that is going on around here and I'm wasting a huge amounts of tissues.. 
 Now would be the right time to stop talking about my red nose (I kinda look like Rudolph the reindeer.. so I guess I'm ready for Christmas) and show you some of my favorite pictures from Pinterest.

The pictures are very variable but I like them anyway so I decided to show them to you.
Click the link below to see them all.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Stressed but well dressed

 Hey guys!
Here is the third outfit as I promised! Here is the skirt from the previous outfit but I dropped off the sweater and put up this new cardigan. It's very light and wavy and it's such a comfy thing to wear in the afternoon when the weather is a little bit warmer. I completed the look with one of my favorite necklaces, the sparkling ring and this new ankle boots with leather elements!

What I love about this necklace is that it's crochet with beads. I bought it 2 years ago for the Christmas gathering with my class cause I was with a black long sleeve dress and I needed something big enough to stand out. Here is the picture and please don't laugh.. it was 2 years ago! :)

Enough with the flashbacks let's go back to the outfit..

Top: Unknown
Skirt: Zhidan
Cardigan: Zhidan
Jewelry: Local shop
Clutch: Zhidan
Shoes: Sandina

  Photographer: M. Yourdanov
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Friday, October 26, 2012


Here is the second outfit from yesterday! As I already told you I had to change clothes a couple of times and this is the second outfit which includes elements from the previous outfit transformed into another one. Here I kept the sweater but I get rid of the burgundy skirt and replaced it with my casual black one. Also I left the long boots at home and jumped right into my new ankle boots! I love them! They are very comfy and easy to match with almost everything!
 The whole outfit looks quite businesslike (in my opinion) when I put the blazer on but I like very much this slightly official and neat look.  

Ето го и вторият аутфит от вчера! Както вече ви казах, трябваше да сменя няколко тоалета и това е вторият, който включва елементи от предишния. Този път запазих пуловера, но махнах кожената пола и я замених с по- обикновенната ми черна. Така пуловера наистина изпъква прекрасно. Освен това замених ботушите с новите боти които си взех наскоро. Прекрасни са! Мога да изкарам цял ден с тях, без след това да изпитвам адски болки в краката :D Много са удобни и е супер лесно да ги съчетая с почти всичките си дрехи.
 Целият аутфит изглежда доста делово, когато сложа и блейзера, но пък на мен много ми харесва този леко официален но пък спретнат и стегнат външен вид.
I'm sure you've already noticed this beautiful agate necklace that I won from Girl & Closet! If you haven't seen the first outfit that I wore it with be sure to check it out here- The Glamorous life! I just love how this gold chain matches with the color of the sweater. They complement each other very well.

Сигурна съм че вече сте забелязали прекрасното колие с ахат, което спечелих от Girl & Closet! Ако не сте виждали първият аутфит с него, можете да го направите тук- The Glamorous life! Много ми харесва как златната верижка изпъква и се връзва перфектно с цвета на пуловера. Двете много си подхождат.
Blazer: Zhidan
Sweater: Tally Weijl
Skirt: Zhidan
Ankle boots: Sandina
Necklace: DARK SKIES necklace from Oh, Poppy.
Rings: H&M
Sunglasses: M-look
Photographer: M. Yourdanov

Thank you for visiting my blog! Don't forget to leave me a comment! :) The next outfit from the series is coming very soon!

Благодаря ви че се спряхте в блога ми! Не забравяйте да оставите коментар, страшно ми е приятно да чета всичко което сте написали :) Следващия аутфит от поредицата идва много скоро!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Snake print, burgundy and some rocks!

 Hey sweethearts!
You miss me? Haha I hope at least one of you did :) BUT don't worry I'm here again! Here is the today's outfit!

 Здравейте сладури!
Липсвах ли ви? Хаха надявам се поне на един да му е било мъчно (да се е сетил поне :D). НО не се тревожете, отново съм тук! Ето го и днешният аутфит.

Ohh it's autumn! If you think I'm happy- I'm not! I already miss summer! I can't let go of all my skirts and dresses but it's getting colder and colder with every passing day. It's very annoying.. but don't think that I'm pitting all of my skirts on the bottom of my closet! I won't take of my favorite skirts until I see snow outside.  Anyway on a bright side I can finally wear my sweaters. There is noting better than a fluffy sweater to cuddle in! And I just couldn't resist to pull of this new greenish one (I'm not really sure what's the name of this color..) that I got from Tally Weijl last month. When I saw it I just fell in love with this color. I think it's perfect for this fall/winter season.
 Also- did you liked my new skirt? Of course my mother sew it again. I saw this fabric at the store back in September and I immediately knew how I want it. I've been craving for a leather pencil skirt for a long time and since animal prints are ON this season I think I hit the jackpot with this burgundy snake print fabric! It's definitely one of my favorite skirts!

Охх есен е! Ако това ви прозвуча като щастливо изказване - не е! Лятото вече ми липсва. Сърце не ми дава да прибера всичките си поли и рокли, но става все по- студено от ден на ден. Много е дразнещо.. но не си мислете, че ще оставя всичките си поли на дъното на гардероба! Няма да спра да ги нося, докато не видя че има сняг отвън. От друга страна поне вече мога да нося пуловерите си! Няма нищо по- хубаво от пухкав пуловер, в който да се сгушиш! Така че просто не можах да устоя на този прекрасен зеленикав (всъщност не знам как точно се казва този цвят..) красавец, с който се сдобих от Tally Weijl миналият месец. Влюбих се в цвета му когато го видях. Мисля че е перфектен за есен/ зима 2012.
 Също така- харесахте ли новата ми пола? Разбира се, майка ми я заши отново. Видях този плат в магазина още през септември и веднага знаех какво точно искам от него. Търсих си кожена пола тип молив от много време и след като животинските принтове са тренд този сезон, мисля че ударих джакпота с този змийски принт в цвят бургудни! Това определено е една от любимите ми поли!

Sweater: Tally Weijl
Skirt: Zhidan
Rings: Local shops
Necklace: I made it :)

I was very busy today so I had to change clothes a couple of times for the different occasions. This one was my "School outfit". In the next two post I'm going to show you the other outfits that are basically peaces from this outfit transformed into another one. It was quite fun to play with this clothes and to merge them into another looks.

So I hope you liked this outfit! See soon the others!

Днес бях много заета и трябваше да се преобличам няколко пъти за различни поводи. Това е училищният ми тоалет :) В следващите два поста ще ви покажа и останалите аутфити, които са всъщност елементи от този аутфит преобразувани в други вариации. Беше много забавно да завъртя дрехите по такъв начин че да се получат напълно нови визии.

Надявам се че сте харесали поста! Очаквайте скоро и другия!
Photographer: M. Yourdanov

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Sneak peaks

 Hey lovelies!
Finally here is a new post! It's gonna be a quick one but still it's better than nothing :) But don't think that I forgot about the blog! I'm just so busy with my fall/winter shopping and all those school lessons that I don't have a time to shoot. Above all my photographer announced boycott :D He won't come out and take pictures no matter how much I beg him and he always complains that I don't write his name under my pictures. So here is it:

Thank you my little brother for all the photos! Please start doing your job again and come out to shoot more pics!

Now that this had been said I hope that would be able to shoot and post more outfits :D We'll see if he changes his mind.

Here are some sneak peaks of the outfits I've been wearing this past week. Also a picture of my new DIY project and my nails with little neon dots.

See more soon! I have a lot of fall outfits to show you :)

Keep it Classy!