Saturday, September 8, 2012

Leaves / Black skirt challenge 4

Hey! Here is the 4th outfit from my Black skirt challenge! This is another one of my favorite blouses made by my mother again! It's from my "tops with bat sleeves" period :D The necklace is made by me again. A week ago I was caught up with creative enthusiasm and I made myself 3 new necklaces. You already saw the pearl one, this is the second necklace and I will soon show you the third one!

Top: Zhidan
Skirt: Zhidan
Necklace: DIY
Clutch: Zhidan
Bracelet: DIY
Ring: DIY and local shop 

BS challenge posts so far: 
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  1. Страхотна, разбира се! Наистина ли майка ти шие тези дрехи :О Много е добра, честно! Завиждам ти... щеше да е хубаво, понякога като не мога да намеря точно това, което поискам по магазините да накарам майка ми да го ушие :D И колието е страхотно :)

    целувки, Прес

  2. Lovely pics!
    Mind to check out my blog? Maybe we can follow each other

  3. wow you made the necklace? it's so beautiful!

    mind checking out my blog and maybe even follow each other? :)
    Simpler Pleasures of Existence

  4. Privet!!!

    You look so beautiful. Wonderful necklace!

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  5. Gorgeous and talented. I especially love your shirt <3

  6. много сладурско! Колието е страхотно!

  7. Колието е ненормално красиво! Просто е върха, адски стилно! Поздравления за добрата работа :)


  8. Really beautiful drapey top!!

    <3 Jing


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