Friday, May 25, 2012

My week in pictures...

Hello lovelies!
I didn't have the opportunity to take any photos of my outfits this week but as usually I take some pictures of my daily routine and I post them on my twitter once in a while. And since I don't have any new outfit to show you so here are some of my "oh-so-artistic" pictures :D You can follow me HERE.

 This week the weather has been awful which is pretty bad not only because I can't wear my summer outfits (it's too damn cold) but also because today are the graduation balls of the Bulgarian students and it's kinda sad that they can't enjoy their day cause of the clouds and rain. Next year is my graduation and I hope with all my heart that it's not going to rain..
 Next week I'm back to school and it's going to be a crazy week cause I have a LOT of exams coming on my way (wish me luck, I'm gonna need it ;P). I hope I'm gonna be able to take some photos soon. I have a lot of clothes that I haven't already shown to you :)

Keep it Classy!


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