Sunday, May 20, 2012

My top 6 red carpet looks by... Emma Stone & Lea Michele

 Hey everyone!
So usually on Sunday I write a post about someone's style that inspires me. Today I decided to show you 6 red carpet looks by two of my favourite young actresses- Emma Stone (The Help, Crazy,Supid,Love.) and Lea Michele (Glee, New Year's Eve). They both are amazing at what they do and I really enjoy their work. They are also very beautiful and they always shine on the red carpet. So here are 6x6 looks by Emma and Lea.
 I tried to arrange the looks on a scale of 1 to 6 but it was really hard because all of the dresses are incredible... But after all here is my pick:

Let's start with №6

And now.. №1
Aren't they beautiful? I really like how Emma always changes her hair color and experiments with different dresses. I love Lea's hair styles too and her big sunny smile! She always chooses dresses that match her figure and she totally rocks them!

Hope you liked today's post! More to come soon!
Keep it Classy!

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  1. all this dress are prefect:D but in my opinion first is the best <3:D


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