Friday, May 11, 2012

Home made cupcakes ♥

Hey every one!
I've been very busy this past few days. So much things are going on right now and I don't really have a time to shoot any new pictures. But I wanted to show you the sweet little cupcakes that I made with my best friend Dani on Wednesday! I assure you they were really tasty (although they don't seem to look very good :D) We painted the half of them in (what should have been) purple paint and the other half in green.
 We had so much fun making them..

I wanted to make a decoration like the one Beth from Hungry Happenings did in here. It was so hard to make the little carrots but it was absolutely worth it! Here is my try-

The kitchen was like a battlefield but I think we made it! Everyone who tried them really like it so I think mission is completed!

That's all for now. Be sure to check out my blog soon again! Next week is the opening of the new mall and there is going to be a H&M store for the first time in my city! So pictures to come soon!

Keep it Classy!

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  1. Изглеждат толкова вкусни! Особено тези с малките морковчета хаха, много сладки :) Поздравления!



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