Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wishlist spring- summer 2012

Hey! It's shopping time :)
I've made a little list of all the clothes and shoes I'd like to buy for Spring-Summer season. Ohh did I just said "little list"? Ha-ha-haa...

So let's start with the main things- from the bottom to the top. First- the shoes..

I want to buy a wedgets for the summer. I really liked those models

I hope I would find the best model that would go on well with all of my clothes.

Next I want to find a couple of tights like those

The models with dots and hearts are one from my favorite and I'd love to have them.

I would like to find some skirts and especially skirt on black and white stripes, lace skirt, or one on neon color-

Also I haven't worn shorts for a really long time. I'm not big shorts fan (although I wear a lot of skirts). But I found these in Tally Weijl and I happen to like them

Now- swim wear! I live near the beach so I must have a nice set. For this year I'd like something like this one-

I liked a couple of tops and t-shirts too but there is no point to post them all in here, so you'll just have to keep reading my blog and luckily you'll see them soon.

Now dresses... I could talk about dresses for many days. Dresses and jewels are probably my favorite items ever. Again- I can't post all dresses I want but I liked those three very much-

For spring I want to find new leather jacket, denim short jacket and a trench and new colorful blaser

At the end- accessories. I really want to buy a neon watch! I want one so much! And new cluch, and bracelets, and rings, and earrings, and hat, and sunglasses... Ok, I'm gonna stop now :D

Well with all those things in my shopping list I think I'm gonna be broke pretty soon.. :D Any way thanks for reading and
Keep it Classy!

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