Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Turn on the city" fest - day 2

Hello again!
Here is the post about the second day of the festival "Turn on the city"! The day started with magical performance by the "Fireter" formation. They walked through the city streets on stilts and ccarried two large inflatable ball. It was very cool to watch people's faces seeing them :D

I also saw the boys from ME Click transofrming one white wall into work of art. It was amazing watching them paint with the sprays. I have never seen how graffiti are draw. The boys are really talented.

And this is part of the Rin Yamamura's exhibition called "Alphabet of Love".
Here is my outfit for the day:

Hope you like it! Tomorrow I'll post the pictures from the last day of the fest! So stay tuned!
Keep it Classy!

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