Monday, April 23, 2012

New in accessories!

I was too tired to take pictures of my outfit today so I decided to show you the new stuff that I bought recently. Here are my two pairs of sunglasses (I wanted a brown Ray Bans for soooo long). They are not actually Ray Ban's, I don't really know their brand cause they were bought from England but whatever. I still like them! The earrings are present from my mother, and you can already see them in my Rolling Stones outfit. The owl and the bug rings are my latest obsession. I love animal rings! I really want to by a deer ring like this one-
Or a cat ring like this one-
Yes- I am so obsessed with all kind of rings :D 

So that's all for today. Tomorrow I may take some photos with the new sun glasses :)
Keep it Classy!

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