Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I found myself in Wonderland ~

I haven't wore this pink jeans in a while but today when I put them on I felt like I was coming back from Wonderland with the mad hatter, the white rabbit and Cheshire Cat :D It's crazy I know.
Right now I'm in my room and from my window is coming a smell of French fries... I'm gonna die starving in here! It's not fair that I live above a restaurant..
I'm gonna leave the food talking now and show you my outfit before I rush to the kitchen :D

T-shirt: Tally Weijl
Jeans: Tally Weijl
Sleeves: Zhidan
Sunglasses: Sandro Carsetti

And now here is my today's music playlist:
Natallia Kills - Wonderland
Conor Maynard - Can't Say No
Vince Kidd - Sick Love
Professor Green Feat. Lily Allen - Just Be Good To Green
Hoodie Allen - No Interruption
Foxes - Youth

Thanks for reading!
Keep it Classy!


  1. Ouuuu my classy classy honeyyy !! U look awesom just like in everyone of ur outfits !! Annnnnd i'm leaving THE FIRS comment right nooow !!

    x o x o

    1. Ohhh thank you my dear sweet honey! Thank you soooo much! ♥


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