Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Turn on the city" fest - day 1

As I promised I got you some photos from the festival I attended. It's called "Turn on the city" and it was held in Burgas, Bulgaria on 23, 24 and 25- th of March. It was about modern arts and letting the audience closer to the artists. It was very cool experience and I enjoyed it very much! I was a part of a journalism workshop and I walked over the whole sea garden (where the fest was mainly), I managed to take many interviews not only by participants but also from the people who were just looking at the works. I took a lot of pictures, I wrote some articles and I even got published! These were the best three days that I have in a long time.

The flag says "Включи града", which is "Turn on the city" in Bulgarian.

There were some very cool shapes on a wheels that kids love playing with.

This is a "Fantomat". It's an automat for fantasies. When you put a coin in it an animation starts to play from his eyes. Here is one of the "fantasies":

Behind the Fantomat you can see the Burgas's bridge. It's a lovely place for walks. It's amazing to go furred in the sea and watch the waves from there.
I watched one very funny play called "Slujbogontsie" it's difficult to translate it to English so I'll leave it that way. Anyway the main thing is that the actors were great and I had really great time watching it. (Maybe this is due to the fact that one of the actors was really cute :D )

And here is my outfit for the day:

Other cool thing- I had sent some photos of the city and they had put them in exhibition. I was so happy when I saw them!

So I hope you like the pictures! I will post some more from the second and the third day :)
Keep it Classy!

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