Sunday, March 4, 2012

Style Inspiration~

I've decided to make a new rubric in my blog in which once a week to write about the style of a character from TV series or movies or any celebrity.
In this first post I choose to write about Serena van der Woodsen
from the "Gossip Girl". I'm not the biggest fan of her in the show (she can be really annoying sometimes) but I really love her outfits and I think Blake Lively is really cute and beautiful :]

I really like the top and the skirt. In combination with those heels, vest and bag it looks simple enough but also very glamorous!

This one is definitely on of my favorite outfits! Again very simple but with a little sparkle in it. Skirt is lovely I would like to have one like this. The jacket is very casual and gives the impression of a simple daily look.

Now this (up an left) one is something that I would totally wear on a cocktail or any fancy event. The dress is again the perfect combination of simple model that does not attract too much attention but make enough impression. The necklace is also very beautiful and gentle and fits perfectly with the dress.

This (on the right) is another daily glam look. Again we have casual blazer, wonderful Herve Leger Bandage skirt, shiny bag and colorful necklace. Ohh only if I could look like that every day of my life...

And now my absolute favorite outfits of Serena van der Woodsen are...


I'm so in love with those two dresses that I would kill to have even one of them! The grey one is so classy and glamorous, slightly playful but yet very elegant! The white one is Oscar de la Renta Spring 2008 White Maxi Dress and Serena looks like a Greek goddess in it! I love the neck line, the bracelet and most of all her hair style!

Well these aren't all of mine favorite Serena's outfits so here are some more looks that I really like and would totally rock if I have a chance to :]

All the images are from!!!

Thanks for looking and
Keep it Classy!

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