Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Turn on the city" fest - day 1

As I promised I got you some photos from the festival I attended. It's called "Turn on the city" and it was held in Burgas, Bulgaria on 23, 24 and 25- th of March. It was about modern arts and letting the audience closer to the artists. It was very cool experience and I enjoyed it very much! I was a part of a journalism workshop and I walked over the whole sea garden (where the fest was mainly), I managed to take many interviews not only by participants but also from the people who were just looking at the works. I took a lot of pictures, I wrote some articles and I even got published! These were the best three days that I have in a long time.

The flag says "Включи града", which is "Turn on the city" in Bulgarian.

There were some very cool shapes on a wheels that kids love playing with.

This is a "Fantomat". It's an automat for fantasies. When you put a coin in it an animation starts to play from his eyes. Here is one of the "fantasies":

Behind the Fantomat you can see the Burgas's bridge. It's a lovely place for walks. It's amazing to go furred in the sea and watch the waves from there.
I watched one very funny play called "Slujbogontsie" it's difficult to translate it to English so I'll leave it that way. Anyway the main thing is that the actors were great and I had really great time watching it. (Maybe this is due to the fact that one of the actors was really cute :D )

And here is my outfit for the day:

Other cool thing- I had sent some photos of the city and they had put them in exhibition. I was so happy when I saw them!

So I hope you like the pictures! I will post some more from the second and the third day :)
Keep it Classy!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The yellow scarf

Hello lovelies!
I had so much fun last weekend! I have prepared a lot of pictures and I'm gonna post them as soon as I can :)

Keep it Classy :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New haircut and floral top :]

I have a new haircut!!! I didn't plan it but as soon as I sat on my hairstylist's chair I was like- "Just do it" :) And here is it- now my hair is much shorter! Although I'm still getting use to it and I miss my long hair, I'm pretty happy about the change. Now I can try a variety of buns and hairstyles that I couldn't do before.

Имам нова прическа!!! Не я бях планирала, но веднага след като седнах на фризьорският стол просто си казах "Давай" и ето го резултата- косата ми е доста по- къса от преди :) Въпреки че все още свиквам и че все още дългата ми коса ми липсва, съм щастлива от промяната. Сега мога да пробвам различни кокове и прически, които не можех да си правя преди.

And now about the outfit:
Top: Atmosphere
Jeans: Terranova
Sunglasses: Sandro Carsetti
Cardigan: Bic Bok
Leather jacket: Hanbani
Earings: Mart bg
Bracelet: Mart bg

Thanks for reading again!
I hope you have a wonderful day!
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sunrise- colorful day!

Hello lovelies!
I had such a wonderful day! The weather is still great and I can't do anything else than enjoy it as much as possible. I can't stop smiling and I don't even know why! :)
As perhaps most of you I can't spend my day without music so here is my playlist for today:

Здравейте сладури!
Имах прекрасен ден! Времето си остава така страхотно и не мога да правя нищо друго освен да му се наслъждавам колкото мога повече. Не мога да спра да се усмихвам, а дори не знам защо :)
Както, може би повечето от вас, аз също не мога да прекарам нито ден без музика, така че ето го моят плейлист с песните, които слушах най- много днес:

Katy Perry - Firework
Rihanna - Only girl
The Wanted - Glad You Came
Afrobeta - As Long As You Like It
Flo Rida - Feeling good
Coldplay - Paradise
Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive :D

And now- the outfit! I get inspired by the bright color trends lately so today I tested this rather bold (for me) combination. It reminds me of a sunrise- when the sun is coming up and the sky gets all this shades of pink and orange...

А сега- аутфитът! Вдъхнових се от всички тези тенденции, които смесват ярки светли цветове, така че днес изпробвах тази доста смела (поне за мен) комбинация. Напомня ми на цветовете на небето рано сутрин по зазоряване, когато слънцето се показва и цялото небе придобива тези розови и оранжеви оттенъци...

Jeans: Tally Weijl
White top: Zhidan
Blousein peach: My grandmother knit it :)
Sunglasses: Zule
Necklace: Vintage
Flats: Unknown

This is probably the first time that I combine these two colors... oh my blog is starting to affect me along with all the other wonderful bloggers out there who inspire me in so many ways! I'm happy with all this changes in my wardrobe! I've never imagine that someday I would wear pink jeans along with peach top and this would be considered modern and trendy!
I can only imagine what we would wear 5 or 10 years from now!

Това е може би първият път, в който комбинирам тези два цвята... леле блогът започва да ми влияе, заедно със всички останъли прекрасни блогъри, които ме вдъхновяват всекидневно по толкова много начини! Много съм доволна от промените в гардероба си! Никога не съм си представяла че някой ден ще нося розови дънки, заедно с прасковена блуза и това ще се счита за модерно!
Мога само да си представям какво ще носим след 5 или 10 години..

Finally I want to congratulate you all with the new Lana Del Ray song(video)- "Blue Jeans"! She is so lovely and I really like her voice! And the video... Amazing!

Накрая искам да ви поздравя с новата песен на Лана Дел Рей - "Blue Jeans"! Тя е страхотна и много харесвам гласът и! А видеото към тази песен е просто удивително!

Надявам се да сте харесали поста! Споделете какво мислите доло в коментарите :) А до тогава...
Hope you enjoyed this post! Share your thoughts in the comments below :) And don't forget to..
Keep it Classy!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

School girl glam + new blog layout!

I'm so happy to be back! Not that I've been anywhere for the past few days it's just that I didn't have Internet ant home and I wasn't able to write here but now- here I am!
First I'd like to start with thanks to everyone who are visiting my blog. I know it's not the best fashion blog or anything but for me is a big deal and I'm really excited about it. So thanks for reading and I hope you like what you see.
So in one of the previous posts I wrote:
"People say that spring is a time of new birth and new beginnings. I hope that's true I'm sick of this winter and I definitely need a new start and new things to do."
It turn out to be true. There are new things coming ahead of me and I'm really happy that I get to do something new. I'm about to be one of the journalists covering the festival "Turn on the city" which will take place in Burgas (Bulgaria) this weekend. I'm not gonna be a real journalist it's more like a workshop thing but I'm quite excited and I hope it's going to be very fun and helpful.
The other new thing is as you can see the new layout of the blog. I've been
trying out several different designs by now but they never suit me quite well and this one is just what I was looking for! I hope you like!

And now the outfit! I was wearing it yesterday (19.03). The weather was wonderful! 25
°C! Almoust summer..

Just like a school uniform right? :D Actually it's not but I wanted it to look that way. You know- something like Gossip Girl's Constance Billard School look. The skirt is brand new, literally- my mother sew it the day before. I made the ribbon by myself. I think it's a nice touch.

Here are some details:

Let me know what you think!
Keep it Classy!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sunny day in the forest

I had a wonderful day in the forest with my best friend today! The weather was lovely and we had a lot of fun :) It's so nice to go outside with a t-shirt and not turn into icicle. Oh let it be spring!

Прекарах страхотен ден в гората с най- добрата ми приятелка (най- страхотното мило на света :P) Времето беше прекрасно и досте се забавлявахме. Бях забравила колко е хубаво да излезеш навън по тениска и да не се превърнеш в ледена висулка :D Охх нека бъде пролет!

Now more about the outfit:
T-shirt: Terranova
Cardigan: Bic Bok
Jeans: Fango
Sunglasses: Sandro Carsetti

Thanks for reading!
Have a good night/day!
Keep it Classy!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Let Your Colors Burst ~

Hello lovelies!
It's such a beautiful weather outside today that I couldn't be more happy! Yesterday it was snowing and today- sun, blue sky and warm air... I can really feel the spring making her way through. People say that spring is a time of new birth and new beginnings. I hope that's true I'm sick of this winter and I definitely need a new start and new things to do.

Здравейте, сладури!
Времето вън е просто прекрасно, няма начин да съм по- щастлива в момента. Вчера валя сняг, а днес- слънце, синьо небе и топъл въздух... Вече усещам как пролетта се задава. Хората казват че тя носи прераждане и ново начало. Надявам се да е вярно, защото ми писна от тази зима и определено имам нужда от нов старт и нови неща, с които да се занимавам.

Today's outfit is one of my favorite daily casual looks. I love that flax scarf! I bought it may be 4 or 5 years ago and I still can't get enough of it! :)

Днешният аутфит е една от любимите ми дневни и неофициални визии. Дбожавам този ленен шал! Купих го преди 4 или 5 години и все още не мога да му се нарадвам. :)

Sweater - Zhidan (my mother sew it)
Jeans - Terranova
Scarf - unknown
Shoes - Sadina
Sunglasses - Sandro Carsetti

I hope you like that outfit! Have a wonderful day ;)
Keep it Classy!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Let me see you stripped down to the bone...

Hello lovelies!
So today I just can't get off my mind the song "Stripped" by Shiny Toy Guns (originally from Depeche Mode). As I woke up in 6 A.M this was the first thing in my head. I just love that song ♥
Now here is today's outfit :)

Здравейте, сладури!
Днес просто не мога да изкарам от главата си песента на "Stripped" by Shiny Toy Guns (тя е кавър на Depeche Mode). Още от както се събудих в 6 сутринта само тя ми се върти из главата. Обожавам тази песен, харесах я още първият път когато я чух.
Ето го и днешният ми аутфит :)

This is my first white jeans ever! I was so happy when I bought them. Until now I've always avoided bright colors in jeans but this year I surprised even myself after I got the pink jeans and now this one. I think it's a good change and I really like them.
I combined the jeans with this purple sweater cause those bright colors bring me spring mood and I can't wait to come the days when outside's going to be more than 10 degrees..

Това са първите ми бели дънки. Не се шегувам :D Бях много радоста когато си ги купих. До сега винаги съм избягвала ярките и изобщо светлите цветове в панталоните и в гардероба ми рядко се откриваше нещо по- различно от черно, сиво, светло синьо и тъмно синьо що се отнася до джинсите. Но тази година изненадах дори себе си.. Първо си купих розовите а сега и тези. Мисля че е добра промяна, а и много ги харесвам :)
Комбинирах ги с този лилав пуловер, защото тези светли цветове ми носят пролетно настроение, а и нямам търпение да дойдат дни в които отвън ще е повече от 10 градуса...

The flower is made of satin by my mother and I thought it's going to look good with this outfit.

Сетих се че майка ми ми беше направила лилаво цвете, така че се накичих и с него естествено :)

So I think that's all for today / Мисля че това е всичко за днес :)

Keep it classy!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Style Inspiration~ 2 Pippa Middleton

I haven't wrote this week cause I was very ill and I couldn't go out and take photos of my outfits but I really hope that I'm gonna be fine soon and then I'll post more stuff.

After I can't write about my own style the least I could do is write about somebody else's outfits! Here it comes post two of my rubric- Style Inspiration! This week I choose to write about the younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge- Pippa Middleton! I don't know why but I really like Pippa- she always looks very good and she seems to be very nice and lovely person. So here is a little more info about her:

Philippa Charlotte "Pippa" Middleton was born on 6 September 1983. In 1995, the Middletons moved to Bucklebury, Berkshire. Like her sister, Middleton was first educated at St Andrew's School, Pangbourne.She got her higher education in Scotland, attending the University of Edinburgh to study English literature.
Middleton's mother set up 'Party Pieces', a company which began by making party bags and went on to sell party supplies and decorations by mail order. Following graduation, in 2008 Middleton briefly worked at a public relations firm promoting luxury products, then she took on an events management job with Table Talk, a company based in London which organises corporate events and parties. Pippa currently works two days a week for her parents' company Party Pieces, editing the web magazine Party Times.

Now more about her style... What I like about her is that despite everything she is still an ordinary working woman with very casual daily style. She doesn't pay particular attention to her hair, she doesn't use a lot of make up, her jewels are always very simple and her outfits are very comfy with clean design.

She often combines clean informal dress with blazer, big bag and sunglasses. She wears ankle boots, flats, printed scarf and she likes skirts above the knee.

The colors that she prefers are by the darker gamma- black, brown, gray but she also likes blue and sometimes you can see her in white, red and even pink.

So I hope you liked today's post! I hope I could write more next week!
Keep it Classy by then!


Monday, March 5, 2012

Dreamy look of today

So everyone have a couple of favorite items that they saw on Internet and that wish they had. This are mine top items that if I had in my closet I would absolutely wear today.

(Click on the image for the better view)

I picked mint jeans, nude sweater, bracelet from, Large Golden Leaf Skeleton Earrings, 14K Gold and Pink Opal or Lapis Floral Ring and flats.

I think this colors are really fashionable right now, and this outfit would look great!

Thanks for reading,
Keep it Classy!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Style Inspiration~

I've decided to make a new rubric in my blog in which once a week to write about the style of a character from TV series or movies or any celebrity.
In this first post I choose to write about Serena van der Woodsen
from the "Gossip Girl". I'm not the biggest fan of her in the show (she can be really annoying sometimes) but I really love her outfits and I think Blake Lively is really cute and beautiful :]

I really like the top and the skirt. In combination with those heels, vest and bag it looks simple enough but also very glamorous!

This one is definitely on of my favorite outfits! Again very simple but with a little sparkle in it. Skirt is lovely I would like to have one like this. The jacket is very casual and gives the impression of a simple daily look.

Now this (up an left) one is something that I would totally wear on a cocktail or any fancy event. The dress is again the perfect combination of simple model that does not attract too much attention but make enough impression. The necklace is also very beautiful and gentle and fits perfectly with the dress.

This (on the right) is another daily glam look. Again we have casual blazer, wonderful Herve Leger Bandage skirt, shiny bag and colorful necklace. Ohh only if I could look like that every day of my life...

And now my absolute favorite outfits of Serena van der Woodsen are...


I'm so in love with those two dresses that I would kill to have even one of them! The grey one is so classy and glamorous, slightly playful but yet very elegant! The white one is Oscar de la Renta Spring 2008 White Maxi Dress and Serena looks like a Greek goddess in it! I love the neck line, the bracelet and most of all her hair style!

Well these aren't all of mine favorite Serena's outfits so here are some more looks that I really like and would totally rock if I have a chance to :]

All the images are from!!!

Thanks for looking and
Keep it Classy!