Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pinky pink

Hello, hello!
Today's post is about my yesterday's outfit :D So I recently went to Tally Weijl and I couldn't take my eyes off this pink jeans. I never had any jeans in color deferent than blue or black, and now that I found these I fell in love with them. And yesterday when I put them for the first time I wanted to make them even more noticeable so I matched them with this grey sweater and I think it turn out really good. My nails were pink too and the mood that came with this outfit was just great! I added the turquoise ring too so the day was all about fresh colors.

I would like to draw more attention to the earrings. Inspired by the pink jeans I finally found some time to repaint them. It took 3 day to take them apart, paint them with one old nail polish and put them back together. Here is the final result:

Before and After

Keep it classy :]

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